Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Deep Dish Pizza

Well it looks like my first attempt at a deep dish pizza was a resounding success!
After a nice grilled lamb and Midra(sp?) meal last night with my special lady friend, I decided that tonight I should make some pizza. But as I got to thinking about what to put on the pizza, four example some canned tomato sauce I made last fall, I decided that I should better use some of the ingredients in my refrigerator. I had some Costco mushrooms that were on their way out, quite a bit of leftover lamb from yesterday, and a fair amount of kale. I have quite a bit of kale in the refrigerator. Some of it I got at the Safeway last week because I was inspired to simmer it with onions and mustard and I got some kale from Costco last week because I wanted to use more of it. I also have some that managed to survive the winter in my cold garden and has survived and doesn't taste too bad yet though it didn't taste very good last year and that is why it survived last summer's picking process. I also had some tomatoes. 

I sautéed all of those ingredients together until most of the water had evaporated. I put a home made pizza crust in to a pretty heated cast-iron oven put some cheese at the bottom, and put the main ingredients in the shell layered with more cheese.

I must say I think it turned out pretty fantastic. See the photos.

Friday, January 10, 2014