Friday, June 28, 2013

The Newest Anchorage Brewery!

So today I finally brewed some beer, after over two years of planning. You see, some of the ingredients (arguably the most important - the hops and the yeast) traveled with me from Dutch Harbor and I never used them there. As is my style, I am going to post some photos of the as-yet-untested IPA and we'll see how it goes...

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Seattle culinary tour is about to end.

Katie and I went to Boeing field in order to do some night take offs in order to stay current on her license. Since she wasn't able to do them, we decided to go to talaricos in west Seattle for, as I had remembered it, the best pizza on the west coast. 

The pizza wasn't as good as I had remembered it. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Seattle culinary tour has begun!

So I came to Seattle this weekend initially because the cheap flights were an excuse to go to a series of Yankee games against the Mariners. However, since being back only a few hours (well, in the first hour really) , I remembered that Seattle has a great food scene.

I first took the light rail from seatac to downtown shortly after my plane landed, arriving about 0630. First we wandered aimlessly trying to find a coffee place. Katie then used Yelp and we found a target to shoot for. On the way, we passed by a bagel place and then it hit me - there are so many great foods here that I can't get in anchorage. Or rather, the anchorage versions pale in comparison. So after eventually finding Seattle Coffee Works (next to the Green Tortoise hostel), we finally got the chance to catch up over a very nice latte. Afterwards, we wandered back over to the bagel shop and took a glance at the variety. Most intriguing was the French toast bagel, which looked like a cinnamon bagel maybe with sugar and egg in there somehow? It looked delicious but I had to focus. I've found that only good bagel shops have salt bagels, and that only the best bagel shops have great salt bagels. Well, this one, eaten while walked down the street did not disappoint. Katie's everything bagel was pretty good too, with just the right toasted onion crunch and flavor. Yum. I hope to go back on my last day and get a dozen to bring home.