Monday, August 12, 2013

Dry hopping at the Nunaka Brewerey

See below for some photos of my IPA when I dry hopped it yesterday.

Dinner time! Halibut with garden veggies

Went for a run after work and decided to make a little dinner. I was inspired by my mom's review of a New York Times recipe featuring zucchini. I had a zucchini in the fridge but it was brought over during a dinner party last week and the one no-no in gardening is eating someone else's successes without first getting permission. Unfortunately I could not get permission so I had to improvise...
I have had good success with garden peas, particularly the 18 sugar snap pea plants I put in the ground, and some kale (see the garden blog). I also had a bit of storebought :(  red onion in the fridge so I sauteed those and some capers (also storebought) and some butter (also storeb...never mind). I was going to add some Greek yogurt but it was bad so I had to toss it. A little fresh shaved parmeggiano reggiano and you have a meal. Not to mention the grilled halibut. A little salt and pepper, flipped over for some color (the skin is in the first photo) and all I can say is that it was delicious.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Newest Anchorage Brewery!

So today I finally brewed some beer, after over two years of planning. You see, some of the ingredients (arguably the most important - the hops and the yeast) traveled with me from Dutch Harbor and I never used them there. As is my style, I am going to post some photos of the as-yet-untested IPA and we'll see how it goes...

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Seattle culinary tour is about to end.

Katie and I went to Boeing field in order to do some night take offs in order to stay current on her license. Since she wasn't able to do them, we decided to go to talaricos in west Seattle for, as I had remembered it, the best pizza on the west coast. 

The pizza wasn't as good as I had remembered it. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Seattle culinary tour has begun!

So I came to Seattle this weekend initially because the cheap flights were an excuse to go to a series of Yankee games against the Mariners. However, since being back only a few hours (well, in the first hour really) , I remembered that Seattle has a great food scene.

I first took the light rail from seatac to downtown shortly after my plane landed, arriving about 0630. First we wandered aimlessly trying to find a coffee place. Katie then used Yelp and we found a target to shoot for. On the way, we passed by a bagel place and then it hit me - there are so many great foods here that I can't get in anchorage. Or rather, the anchorage versions pale in comparison. So after eventually finding Seattle Coffee Works (next to the Green Tortoise hostel), we finally got the chance to catch up over a very nice latte. Afterwards, we wandered back over to the bagel shop and took a glance at the variety. Most intriguing was the French toast bagel, which looked like a cinnamon bagel maybe with sugar and egg in there somehow? It looked delicious but I had to focus. I've found that only good bagel shops have salt bagels, and that only the best bagel shops have great salt bagels. Well, this one, eaten while walked down the street did not disappoint. Katie's everything bagel was pretty good too, with just the right toasted onion crunch and flavor. Yum. I hope to go back on my last day and get a dozen to bring home. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Kachemak oysterfest

So I got some oysters from the kachemak bay oyster coop store, on homer spit. Last night me and my buddy mike had them for dinner, 4 raw and 8 Rockefeller style.

Here they are before baking on the grill...

...and here they are after cooking. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Halibut, hooligan, mussels, oysters, and clams - oh my!

Razor clams and kachemak bay mussels with garlic, butter and cherry tomatoes for dinner tonight, with josh as my guest. A perfect end to a great weekend! FYI the clams were mine, the rest came from the store. But the clams made the dish! They were cut up inside so can't be seen. The mussels were so delicious we had to eat them all. See below for leftovers...

And of course, the empty shells. Saved for a project to be named later.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter Roasts

For this past Easter, I made two big roasts - a boneless leg of lamb and a ham roast. The ham was precooked but I adorned it with some good flavorings and then roasted it for a couple of hours. The leg of lamb was a boneless Costco one that was removed from its netting and was butterflied. I bastardized a recipe from America's Test Kitchens. It turned out pretty good but it was hard to tell if it was cooking properly because of some dumb decisions about how long it rest at room temperature and inconsistencies with oven temperatures. I'll have to follow the recipe closer next time. It didn't help that I was trying to cook a ham at the same time! Here are photos...
Completed Ham

Lamb ready to go into the oven...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Morning Cheesecake

So I made a cheesecake last night. It was from Epicurious and the recipe is here. I used the crumb crust recipe found here. The purpose was to honor my friend Nick's birthday, as well as my coworker Jason's retirement to take a new job in New York. Enough of that. Scroll below for photos.

 So we ate the crap out of this. I have the four following comments:
  • It's gigantic - good for a party of 10 or more. Next time, I will use a half recipe.
  • It was a little soft in the middle, so I think I will raise the temp 10 degrees, and bake for an additional hour or so.
  • There was a bit too much citrus flavor. Next time an extract will be added to diversify the flavor a bit.
  • It was delicious!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Salt Cured Hooligans

So last night I finally put together a container of hooligans for salt curing. Ever since I heard about the south central hooligan runs a few years ago, I've wondered if I could preserve them in the same way that Mediterraneans make anchovies. I really love anchovies, particularly on pizza or on top of a salad. See, hooligans are a type of smelt, which are oily baitfish. In fact, hooligans are so oily that another of their names are candlefish, because people used to dry them out and light them on fire to make candles. One day, I'll try that project but for now I will stick to salt curing and pan frying.

Smelts in Salts

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fun with Hooligans

So I was searching for websites that give you suggestions on how to cook grits in a rice cooker. I found several websites that give advice, tried one out and with some minor tweaks, I think it will work out. But on the way, I found a blog that has a good looking recipe for Roasted Anchovies with Tomatoes. Seeing I have a bunch of hooligans in the freezer from last spring, I thought this might make a good fresh tomato sauce for pasta.
I also hope to figure out how to make salted fermented smelts, a la anchovies. They are tricky to filet when they are raw (although the bones come out really cleanly when they're cooked because of the oil content I think), but maybe I can make them bone-in. I saw some Sicilian fishermen deftly filleting raw anchovies with their fingers on a cooking show once, but I can't seem to do that with smelts.

Frozen Raw Hooligan (with ice crystals)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Foods to make 1

-fish wrapped in prosciutto (cotton string to secure) and grilled from BBQ u.

-Buffalo chicken muffins

-Crock pot Mac and cheese

-Chicken adobo

-Beef Wellington - filet mignon roast

-stonewall kitchen cornbread

-Patis bricklayer tacos -sauté chopped bacon and beef cubes, add onion slices chopped tomato and chopped jalapeños. Add to heated tortilla.

-Two tbsp arborio in soup to make it creamy